Content providers can take advantage of our distribution services for greater revenue potential. After your content is thoroughly screened, it is distributed under our affiliates for maximum exposure based upon your business objectives.

To understand our model, here is a basic description of what happens with content that is distributed by simplyME. Distribution. Your content is encoded and transcoded based on clearly-defined parameters. These parameters are established through agreement of how extensively an individual piece of content should be distributed through the distribution network selected.

Our distribution network is constantly increasing, accordingly we continually broaden our distribution footprint and the platforms upon which content providers can reach their consumers.

Our way of doing business makes great sense to content providers who are looking for basic approaches to maximize their return-on-investment. All content must be screened and marked for distributors looking to fill their niches against advertisers, subscribers and/or pay-per-view customers. Solid relationships are key to our success and it is our goal to ensure that all parties look confidently to a profitable future. Content providers, distributors, and producers of all sizes can rest assured their needs and objectives are being addressed to the best of simplyME’s ability.

We welcome you to join us. 
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