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​iTV Channel Development

We provide a turnkey solution that enables major content providers to launch their own vertically integrated channel through SimplyME TV within two weeks. Our solutions are dedicated to giving our clients the highest quality of service without the need to have an IT department, transcoding divison, advertising platform and web developers.  

Very Local Advertising

InseQuenceTM is a total solution to for advertisers with very local budgets to advertisers looking to put their ads out in a seamless and very direct way to guarantee results nationwide. Whether it is local, regional or national, InseQuenceTM delivers.

Just imagine a system that compares each consumer watching your commercial that could automatically place millions of commercials a second to millions of people at the same time that is specific to their psychographic profiles from individual demographic info. all the way to specific areas of interest in both products and services.

Mobile Couponing

We've developed an innovative approach to ensure consumers receive rebate coupons from our advertisers over their mobile phones from video commercials they watch through our InseQuenceTM psychographic engine. The combination of the two technologies enriches the consumer experience while the advertiser gets a deeper understanding of what consumers are purchasing from product lines.