simplyME Distributioni: Testimonials
What Folks Are Saying
J Alexander Martin, CEO
When we chose to branch out into television, we chose the likes of simplyME to get us there. It's definitely been the best decision we ever made.
I started in the music business 31 years ago, and started doing TV within the last six years. I must say, working with the simplyME family and Krys Cameron has been a great experience with their wealth of knowledge and expertise to me and my company. I thank you guys for being you and look forward to much more success!
Cliff Jones, CEO
​What can I say except AWESOME, the experience that we have had with simplyME and Krys is truly amazing. The distribution platform has put us on the map… The professionalism is second to none, I glad he is on our team!
-- Myles A. Pressey III

Our experience with this company has been overwhelmingly positive... Great customer service and attention to detail. 
Candice Silverman, ALTV
My distribution working with Simply Me has been a wonderful and professional success. Krys made sure that “UHETV” was position on some of the powerful VOD Platforms such as Comcast Xfinity, Verizon Fios and Dish Network. UHETV looks forward to having a bright future with SimplyMe Distribution.
Shirley Burris, Founder & CCO