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For your website, it is necessary to develop an advertising program that is suitable for your viewers. But what do you know about your viewers, or consumers?

Consumers change as fast as you can develop marketing campaigns to reach them. Broad generalizations about who is buying a product or service do not reflect today’s purchasing patterns, and therefore do not work. Proponents of psychographic-based targeting have discovered it’s not enough to only evaluate the age or gender of a consumer; you also need to understand the pressures and priorities influencing a consumer’s daily life. Understanding what consumers will purchase as they stroll down the gro­cery aisle begins with the knowledge of who and what is waiting for them at home.

InseQuence is simplyME’s proprietary answer to psychographic-based targeted advertising for on-line and set-top-box programming. InseQuence creates a confidential psychographic-based description of each viewer via the viewer’s interaction with the content, response to questions asked, and viewing habits. New, exciting and totally innovative … InseQuence offers an unprecedented approach to advanced consumer targeted marketing.

While attempting to identify life choices that dictate fast-moving consumer goods consumption, it quickly became obvious to simplyME that a symmet­rical demographic cross-tab approach wasn’t flexible enough to work in our current marketplace. Accordingly, the model would require enriched psychographic-driven detail in addition to house­hold characteristics and neighborhood information. 

InseQuence focuses on the unique demographic combinations that reflect the diversity of life choices available to all consumers. What this means for you is that you now have the capacity to reach more interested customers than ever before — quickly, easily and much more effectively. The end result is a much higher probability of providing your viewer information that he or she is seeking.